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250 w moving head problem


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hi guys new here have had a look and cant see the answer to my problems,


I have just aquired 4 x clubspot 250 watt moving head lights . the problem I have is that a couple seem to start up fine but they dont seem to have power to the head ? the unit seems to start up with the unit panning but there is no life in the head ? im guessing its getting no power ? any ideas on what it could be


thanks in advance for any replys :unsure:

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Hmmm, need more info I think!



Are the heads second hand/brand new?

When the head homes, can you hear the attributes inside resetting and does the head tilt as well as pan?

Are there any errors coming up?

Have you linked them to a desk and manually tried to bring attributes up?

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Check the lamp sensor (phototransistor on a small board near the lamp) and its wiring. If the light from the lamp is not detected after 30 seconds or so, the pic will switch it off for 5 minutes before trying a restrike. This happens 7 times before an error is displayed.

Motor control is by a pair of identical pcbs in the arms of the yoke (4 motors on each side). These need power and serial data from the main board. This is either there or it's not.

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