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Radio Problem :/


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Hey Guys,


I run a small school radio and im hoping to expand it in the next few weeks, I have a set up with 2 mixers and a computer in one room that lead out on a XLR to the 'Broadcast Room' and the room I would like to move into another room at the otherside of the school (about 400m away, so no chance of XLR :unsure:


The problem is I need to broadcast it over a wireless network, which would be easy to do from the dj software im using but it doesnt include the signal from the microphones. So im hoping the re-route the signal back through the computer on a second sound card, record it on there and save an mp3, but my second problem is I need to be able to access the file at the same time a recording it. Does anyone know of any software that allows you to do this?


By the way I am not looking to post it ONLINE, only use it over a wireless network (to avoid broadcasting laws ;))


If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated




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and strictly speaking, you are still broadcasting of course. I doubt the school will want to do it properly, but if you ran a cable between the buildings, you need licenses, streaming it on a network serves the same purpose. You might be able to get away with it if the audience are using it for education, as they wouldn't then be considered as 'members of the public' - but if they are listening for entertainment and not under a teachers control, then the Restricted Service License that people usually have for radio events suggests that they would be considered as members of the public - as hospital patients are even when they're in hospital. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 defines a broadcast as "a transmission by wireless telegraphy of visual images, sounds, or other information which is capable of lawful reception by the public or which is made for presentation to the public" - so it's the status of the listeners that matters. However, if you are copying from CD to computer file or any other transfer, then MCPS should be involved, and possibly PRS and maybe PPL.


As it's a school, it won't be you that gets in trouble, and it's so complicated that if your teacher has suggested this route, thinking it gets the school off the hook, then NOT knowing this could be more useful. I've run 3 RSL from a college, and simple it was not!

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