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Pair of Phono Connectors - Cable - Can you use common ground?


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Hoping someone could help me out and shed a little light on something I'm a wee bit confused about.


I'm planning on installing a small faceplate with 2 phono connectors in to enable visiting DJs to plug into and this is permenantly run to the main sound distribution for the bar.

What I was unsure was whether each one needs its own cable run or could I use a cable, (see linky below) and just use a common ground for the connections? Is there a better cable than this or will I be running two coaxial cables? The distance is around 15-20m at a guess, and wouldnt be passing any major electrical cables.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many many thanks in advance.



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A pair of phono connectors can use a common ground and will work OK, BUT the distance you are talking about, it is liable to pick up hum.

What is at the other end of the run? and does it have balanced inputs?

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I would be inclined to try it and see, but use a twin twisted pair screened cable .


so that you can swap to balanced if required


Depends what the amp input is, XLR is a connector and can be wired for balanced or unbalanced, depends what the amp can accept.

What is the make/model of the amp?




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I see that you are in IT, so a length of screened Cat5 would do very well ;)

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Ive used 2-core and single screen for stereo unbal many times, no problems, particularly with the higher line levels you will be using. Just make sure the cable is audio-rated ie the screen is suitable for audio frequency and you'll be ok.
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Thanks guys.


Will give the screened Cat5 a go as I have tons of that! Wasn't sure if it was fully suitable.

If it doesnt work, well, will try something else.


Really appreciate your help. Many thanks

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Cat5 nice and cheap. Give it go try run cable away from tube lighting. If you get problems with noise then you will have to go balanced somehow - Would need to know more about your present system - models makes etc and how it is used and the size of venue first before suggesting anything.


I have done a fair few installs lots of considerations to take into account.



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