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Wharfedale Pro lx-15


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Hi guys

I have 4 Wharfadale Pro LX-15 speakers for a function band with the following spec


Impedance 4ohm

400W Continuous

800W Program

1600W Peak


We are looking to purchase a new amp for these speakers. Currently we are running two of these speakers directly from the amp, the other two are connected in parallel via speakon.


Could anyone recommend a suitable amp for this setup? or is there a better setup anyone would suggest?



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Ok here we go, talking now about one channel on the amplifier.When you connect your two speakers together the impedance the amp see's is a nominal 2 Ohms, IMHO the amplifier should be able to meet at least the program power of the two speakers, so you will need an amp which can supply at least 1600 watts a channel AT 2 OHMS. There are a lot of amplifiers in different price ranges which will do this so a recommendation depends on the size of your wallet but as the wharfedales are not the most expensive of speakers you will not gain significantly by buying the most expensive amplifier.


Personally I'm not a fan of running things at 2ohms and would suggest 2 amplifiers which could give 800 watts at 4 ohms per channel



edit to correct sums

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If your on a budget try one of these they do want it say on the tin



I have the 2400w version of these amps, for the price they are I would use these so you need to get 2, rather than loading 1 amp @2ohms, it also gives you the advantage of if 1 unit fails you still have a working pa.

they are a little heavy ( ok really heavy )but price wise they have an advantage.

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