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Midi Triggers on an Avo D4.


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Hi, So have decided to add a couple of basic midi triggers into my programming. Very basic stuff like just one note to start a very sudden chase that human error would probably miss. The midi comes via a timeline in logic pro that is run along with the sequencing.


So, two problems I have encountered! Firstly, I didn't want to use timecode as this overcomplicated what I wanted to do, as I was only using one or two midi notes per track. And also I have my desk laid out on the faders, I.e Intro, verse, chorus and not within cue lists.

So when I went to apply a midi note to a fader it seems to work fine, however it seems to apply the midi note to the fader in the playback area on all

playback pages! So, I cant actually change page to a new song and apply different midi notes!

Surely this can't be right, really? I must be doing something wrong surely?


Also, some cues seem to come on via midi for a second then go off, under the fader label it then says "KILL"


Any thoughts or suggestions will be great!



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