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Lighting two-way mirrors... In the open air!


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Hi All, I recently recieved a call from the Creative Director of a Manchester based Theatre company. They have been commissioned for the second year by Salford City Council, to stage a Halloween themed performance. The idea is simple in theory; Bulid a fun-house type attraction, and fill it with two-way, hall of mirrors style mirrors, with hidden rooms behind containing dancers and performance artists. He wants the audience to enter the structure, and have the reveal of the artists behind each mirror happen at random intervals. So far, so good. I'd thought about lighting each mirror from above, audience side, and lighting the performers from below, and switching between the two, but the more I think about it, the more I feel the contours of the mirrors are going to take away the element of surprise, plus, the structure will have no roof, creating more problems due to the spill of ambient light. Has anyone had any experience with this type of project, and if so, did you run into difficulties? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Budget won't be huge, probably under £500, but I have a fairly good stock of lanterns at work which I'd be willing to use if neccessary.



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Some time ago you could get some mirror scrim?made out of plastic sheeting,you fit securely to the frame,heat it up with a hairdryer the material would shrink.

The front looked like a mirror when a lamp was focused on it ,fit biries inside to get the dissolve.

I used this idea once on Snow White the magic mirror fx,but the scrim( if that is what it is)was a ###### to get right.

You still get it from some lamp gel company,I don't think lee do it I think it was a Strand product.

Lee make a silver scrim but you don't get the irror look,just a solid silver front.



All the best



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Hi Again

Me Brian to add to my last reply,try Roscoe you may be in look.



Brian :)

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