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We use SLD, and find them pretty good on price and service. We'd used them for many years, until a couple of years ago when the guy we used to deal with, Elvis (yes, seriously!), left. The quote we got from them the following year for our massive start-of-finiancial-year lamp order wasn't really competitive, so we ended up going with (I think) White Light for our bulk order that year - but after that little 'blip' I guess they realised that customers like us are worth keeping and we're back with them again now.


RB Lighting, as suggested by someone in an earlier post, are also good suppliers - we use them for various purchases from time to time. It's always worth trying the usual 'big boys' (WL, Stage Elecs, AC) for quotes too - you never know! ^_^

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Hi Group,


Lamp prices are always a good one as the price does go up and down and it is very hard to keep a constant price, but we do try.


We are a large distributor for lamp brands such as Osram, Philips, GE, Crompton etc..


We also pride ourselves on customer service and PRICE... we all know that it has been a tough year and what with the VAT increase etc. so we have decided to swallow the extra 2.5% rise and keep our prices as cheap as they can possibly be !


If anyone one would like a quote then please feel free to mail me as long as you mention the Blueroom forum I can give you a bit of discount (on sensible orders)


Well I hope I have given some information that could be useful and please visit... Lithium AV - Suppliers of Everything stage !

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We only stock lamps for lights we actually have in our hire stock - this means we order in bulk and can offer reasonable resale prices. If you visit the consumables sales section of our website (below), you can see which lamps we stock and our prices.


(I've read the posting rules and think I'm allowed to post this, but please correct me if I'm wrong!)



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