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Keyboard Sound on a Budget


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hi all,


I play keyboard in a band, We have all been fine practicing on 15w amp for keyboard and bass and a 30w amp for the guitar.

I am currently understanding that a Keyboard can be run through PA systems because it dosnt need distortion ETC.


Now we are looking at getting gigs and upping the volume, We have a 120w bass for the bassist.


My question is,


I need an amp + speaker setup that can broadcast my keyboard to a venue for about 100 - 150.


my budget is low at about £100 so I defintly consider 2nd hand if its better.


I know £100 is tight but at the age of 16 its what I have.


What kind of wattage do I need? and even better - do you have any links?

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Haveing your sound go through the PA is the best solution. You then only need a small amp/monitor to hear it youself. If not peavey do a keyboard amp kb 3oo often see them on used gear websites. You need at least a 12 or 15 inch driver and a horn for best results as the frequecy range is wide.
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It would be a good idea for you to purchase a keyboard amplifier. For a pub or small room, it is perfectly acceptable to just use your amp without the need to go through a PA (or if you simply don't have a PA!). Some of the keyboard amps also have an input for a microphone, so that you can add a vocal line.


If you have a PA, then yes the keyboard is good to go directly into it, but you will find that once everything else is in the mix, you still need your own amp so that you can hear what you are playing.


£100 for a used amp is a fair amount to spend. I have used a peavey KB60 for the last 15 years with no problems at all. you may also find the KB100 and KB300 on the second hand sales. Roland also do a well respected range of keyboard amps. Recently I picked up an old marshall keyboard amp which knocks the socks off my peavey for clarity of sound for only £50. Make sure you are able to see and hear whatever you purchase second hand.


If you can spend a little more money now for something new, it will be a piece of equipment that you will keep for a long time, so perhaps worth the investment - Christmas is on the way....


All the best

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I can also add that the KB100s are just about indestructable, we have several at work used for guitar amps, havily abused and thrown around, and very few serious failures. I have been here 3 years, we had 10 when I started, which were already several years old, we now have 7, one water damaged because of a roof leak, one blown cone and one that just decided to not work anymore (several failed components).
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At home where we practice I use a Line 6 spider Jam Guitar amp (15watt). I can then plug that into the 5.1 surround (very loud and clear), But if im gigging there is no way I could get that audio with me.


Thank you very much for your help so far.


What is a good (portable) PA to use for under £100 then (I will still run through the 15watt amp to get effects as I use guitar distortion in some of our songs)?



What about this;



its probably tacky crap though

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If you only have a modest amount to spend, then look after yourself - and get something with decent quality sound and enough volume for your need on stage. Keyboard amps tend to be built very similarly to bass amps - extra internal bracing, good response at the bottom end - no rattles or buzzing!


What's going to happen if you have a mismatch on stage is your bass player has more volume on tap, so if he plays at half volume, you will be on full - where you get bet the sound quality is compromised. 50-100W amps have always worked for me on stage. Plenty of output for a small no PA gig, and if you're doing a big room, then there's likely to be PA to plug into. Very small combos usually don't work too well for keys. I too have been happy with Rolands for a long time - but don't be afraid to try all sorts. DO NOT buy a new one without listening - even if it's a bit cheaper - there's no telling what it will sound like. If you buy second hand, then read musician reviews before committing. The best combo I ever bought was 15 years ago - A Carlsbro designed for electro-acoustic guitars with two 10" speakers and a switchable HF. Small, carpet covered and great sounding on ... Bass! I have much bigger bass amps and cabs but for what I play, nothing beats the sound I get from this small combo.

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Do you want a keyboard amp or a small PA?


The peavey in your reply is the latest in the peavey range, and will serve you well.


Sorry, just looked at the spec - this will serve you well in your bedroom!! - the KB3,4 or 5 are much more like what you need

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I've got a Peavy KBA/30 and it's totally indestructible - we've used it for keyboards, vocals, acoustic violin, all sorts, and it produces a good clean sound and just keeps going. They've got three independent inputs, and a rear input for CD / line, and you can even use them when pushed as an active monitor. The KBA/50 or larger 100 would be an ideal choice for you, as already recommended.


There are loads on ebay for less than your budget as well.








Search 'Peavy KB' to find more.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for all the help guys.


After looking around I found a 'Laney AH100'.


Was close to home, £90 and it is in mint condition (has the original tag on). Its very loud at 65 watt and even can power a second speaker if needs be.


http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ah-100/69115 - brand new price.


Thanks guys


what you think of the purchase?

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