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Mac 500 C1ER - Stuck


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Hi All...


I'm currently troubleshooting one of our Mac 500s. This little bugger originally had a bad Col 1 motor, and that was an easy swap.


After getting everything back in place, and giving her a reset, Color 1 just refuses to home. I have tested the hal sensor (using a magneting pick-up tool) and Col1 stops moving when the tool is placed near the sensor. I have tried replacing the Hal PCB twice. I have tried replacing the magnet with two from other wheels. I have also checked continuity from the sensor, through the side-arm pcb, and down to the main pcb. If I stop the wheel with the magnet in front of the Hal sensor while it's homing (with my finger), the sensor will recognize it after a second or so. I have tried moving the sensor around to a variety of different positions (I believe the recommendation is between 1-1.5mm) to no avail.


I know I have had this problem before, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to fix it...


Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I believe I have tested or replaced everything short of the main pcb (which I guess I will try this afternoon).

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Sounds like you need to set up the colour wheel correctly.


To do this you need to let the fixture reset and let it home. While its still powered up undo the grub screws that hold the colour wheel on the motor, after you do this you should be able to rotate the colour wheel with out the motor moving.


Move the colour wheel into a position so the magnet is directly under the hall sensor. When in this position tighten up the grub screws. Now when the fixture resets the magnet will set off the hall sensor and reset with out errors.


The older MAC fixtures will not reset correctly if the wheels are not set up correctly in this way. The magnet will just pass the sensor with out activating it. The newer fixtures will always see the magnet regardless of how its set up.


Hope this helps


Quick tip to see if you wheel is alingned correctly is when the unit is powered up and reset, manually turn the colour wheel around with your hand and see if the magnet is directly under the sensor on a step. If you find the magnet is either side of the senosr on a step then wheel needs realigning.

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