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mixer audio to video camera


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It doesn't really matter which output you use since they're both unbalanced. Just go with whichever you happen to have the right adaptors for. This assumes that both outputs have their own level controls allowing you to set the gain separate from the main outs.


However, a couple of points:


First, back_ache makes a good point about levels--a DI with a pad would be a good idea. The DI would also get rid of the bias current on the mic input which a lot of camcorders provide.


Second, you don't say if you're doing this from the console doing the FOH mix but, if so, you may find the main mix isn't the optimum for video recording. The sound you'd be feeding to FOH has to take account of room characteristics and also the voices and instruments that the audience can also hear live. For this reason, it's often better to do a special "video mix" via auxes.



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