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Mac or PC?

obi wan kenobi

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is there a specific benefit to this?


Because you and Tim posted at the same time, I will asume you are replying to Hippys post. The short answer is no, there is no point ditching whatever operating system you have and installing Linux. Hippy just loves his Linux!


You'll find that most people who have used lighting software on a show (myself included) will recommend MagicQ. Its free to download, works on Windows, Macs, and Linux. The cheapest way to get DMX output is the £10 Magic DMX device. If you want fader wings theres a variety of options available. If I had £1100 to spend I'd get a touchscreen PC from Argos for £500 (a touchscreen transforms the usability of MagicQ), and spend the rest getting a mini-wing from Chamsys.


As to whether you should buy a PC or a Mac, it really comes down to what you are most comfortable using. But one benefit to buying a PC is that if yours goes wrong and you need to borrow one in a hurry, more people have PCs than have Macs...

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is there a specific benefit to this

well if you buy a new pc,dont agree to the licence then you maybe able to claim the cost of the o/s back.Also with linux running on either platform you can strip out everything thats not needed leaving a lean meen lighting machine.

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Ask three people about computer choice for lighting and you get three different answers. Mr Hippy is a confirmed Linux user - and based on his previous comments about his own experience, you'll not shift him (forgive me for speaking on behalf of the Linux brigade). Like me, and quite a few others on here, he's a supporter of MagicQ - and the fact is that MagicQ use Linux as their operating system of choice, counts for a lot - despite me using their product in the PC environment. I expect Mac users also find the operating system of little consequence when using on Macs.


From a reasonably competent computer user, but not an expert, the choice on platform come down to what you need them to do over and above running a bit of lighting software. So if you have a lot of machines and swap bits from one into another when you do an upgrade, then PCs offer valid computer reasons for me using them. I'm happy using Macs, but prefer PCs despite the advantages Mac users claim. My very tentative exposure to Linux leads me to believe it's a nice operating system for competent people to use, and needs people to understand it to use it to it's full potential.


As I'm a convert to MagicQ I don't think it matters a hoot which platform you run it on. This might not be the case with other software.


I suspect you won't get a definitive answer.

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