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Obtaining difficult CD/Tracks


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not sure if this wants to be in here or general?


We are doing Scrooge the musical in december, and I am trying to get hold of a CD of the soundtrack (preferably the stage version, but Ill take anything at this point.)


only found 2 places, amazon and an american firm, each are saying 2-3 weeks delivery.


does anyone have any good sources for rare/hard to find soudtracks, even a LEGAL download would be ok.

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ComputerDJ at plasashow commented that their download site has every track ever released on vinyl, 8 track, and CD. All are licensed for professional replay use and are available as WAV or MP3. However he admitted that it can be very picky about search criterion as there are so many similar titles. Maybe you will have to download all the tracks rather than a whole album.


SOME major music stores subscribe to "Search Red" which is a supposedly fully complete listing of all tracks ever released and the discs on which they have ever been re-released or re-issued or compiled. I did use this in Virgin Megastore (Oxford Street) with great success but a sub to search red is horridly expensive for a single user.

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cheers, whislt it looks a nice bit of kit, it looks like you have to buy their kit to get their database




3K seems a bit much for one CD!!


like the idea though, If I was a DJ (which I aint...)


will try Virgin, another ballgame is how do CDs imported class under copyrite for use over here.

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