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Eye candy LED lighting


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Hi BR.


Eye candy LED's - the fixtures that light nothing in particular but to make the stage look pretty from an audience's point of view (facing them mostly)


What do you look for in a fixture if it's going to be used really for eye candy effects (around a band, along the front of the stage etc)?


I'm debating what I could get if I had a set budget.




Should I go for cheaper LED pars (5mm/10mm LED's) so more can be bought in a budget which results in more effect lighting on stage?


Should I think about brightness? Due to them being eye candy lighting, does light output strictly matter?


What type of fixture? A par, a nice effect batton, a slimline flood?


Also, is the LED look itself important? I'm thinking TRI LED's would be best in terms of the visual aspect or RGB LED's in rows so they look to blend' in together.

I already use the Eurolite RGB pars that have LED's set out in rings and IMO it looks like half the par doesn't work! So not entirely great for facing into the audience at low levels.



Just looking for your suggestions and comments.



Cheers guys!

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Chauvet have some nice LED par cans to be honest that you might want to look at.


In regards to visual LED effects feel free to give us a call if you would like some one to one advice on available LED systems. We're a leading UK manufacturer of proven LED systems for bars, clubs, restaurants etc..


PM me if you would like my contact details.

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I have just got hold of 8 of the stairville par 64 10mm LED from thomann and have been very surprised by there quality and light output. aswell as the LED layout.


If I were to do some thing similar with what I have I would hang each LED Can at different drops on the same bar then light frost the fronts to stop the look of broken LEDs etc. then set up some interesting chases and static colours etc.


just my 2p right there




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I'd go with battens and avoid anything 'round'.


My reasoning is that you want to create as many different looks as possible and so need something with a different shape.


RGB leds are better as you get a 'colour' not 3 lots of different colours in close(ish) proximity. And something with as many cells as possible to create a nice 'flow'.

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From my own experience over the last few years, I don't regret having a reasonable number (44) of cheap PAR56 LED's.

They have been used for all sorts of things, have a look at the PULSE range (CPC). Out of 28 I've only had one fail in a year, with some fairly rough gigs. I think they are still £39.





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