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Moving head + led trouble


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Hi guys,


The college I work at has just bought some 'Visage Falcon 700' moving heads, and some 'Lanta LED par64s'

I tried to locate them in the in the fixture library on our Leapfrog 96 and can't find them.


How do I go about finding/downloading/creating the relevant fixture profile for these lights?


Any help is very much appreciated!


P.S I had no say in the purchase of the Lights we got what we were given, as I have not yet been able to get them working I'm not sure how good they are/aren't! any help on this aspect is also appreciated! :** laughs out loud **:

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First thing would be gather the fixture information from Batmink & Lanta then speak with the guys at Zero88 and they will either help you create the profiles or do them for you.




Nice one, thanks for that Chris.I have e-mailed zero88 support. Just waiting to hear back.




have a go yourself first before getting zero88 to do it for you. its far more rewarding. just go here zero88 leapfrog page and click this fixture tools


download and install the software. input the fixture DMX channel infomation. (make it as simple or as complete as you like.)


save the fixture file to usb and load the custom fixture into the desks fixture list. et voila. job done


I'm pretty sure (as helpful as zero88 are) they would much rather you have a go and then help if your stuck. PLUS you are then able to understand what to do if it doesn't quite do as you expect and make changes.






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because I'm slightily bored and at a loose end. I have taken the info from the LANTA website for the PAR 64 LED and created the fixture for you.


LANTA par64 fixture file


have a go with the moving head in the same fashion and you'll be onto a winner.


what you can also do with the fixture list is choose a similar product (many of the budget range kit is branded for different companies) and see if that fixture profile works. if its not quite right you can edit that fixture using the editor too.


Good luck chap





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