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Another - but different - question about the viability of using a sequ


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Hi everyone,


Further to my question about MMC/MTC using a sequencer live (it appears that I don't actually need to use MTC, but can get away with MMC SPP/Play/Stop commands), I'd just like to run the idea of using a sequencer live as not only a backing track playback system, but also as a potential digital mixer replacement for submixing the tracks and band for panto, as well as providing monitor mixes for the band. This would also allow the use of VST effects and automation (levels / other parameters).


The band I have is:

- Me on keys (outputting a stereo out + 8 channels of ADAT from a PC system MIDI'd to it)

- Guitar (Stereo electric and mono acoustic, as well as a mic for banjo)

- Drums (Acoustic kit mics, and stereo out of an electronic system)

- Several channels of backing tracks (I would submix down to stereo, but we are transferring a couple of times and the rooms are totally different, so mix adjustments will be necessary)

- Sound FX system stereo feed


My plan is to have the sequencer (probably Sonar) inputs through an M-Audio ProFire LightBridge (36 in / 34 out), with preamps and A/D-D/A converters where necessary (the keys PC will be ADAT out to ADAT in). The Show Control System (running from a laptop) will control the sequencer through MMC and sysex (for fades and automation changes), and I will also have an 'override' for the master outputs with a Behringer BCF2000 fader unit.


The requirements are:

- Fully automated levels/fades/FX changes for both live inputs and backing tracks (controlled by cues from the show control system)

- 4 separate monitor mixes, as well as an FOH stereo out, and a couple of spot speakers


Does this sound viable to you as an option? Bear in mind this is a low-ish budget show, and the equipment is sort of based on what I have and what I need for next year (I'm using most of my rehearsal/arrangement fee buying the additional stuff, including a computer for mixing on, because I need a new audio PC for next year!). If I could persuade them to have a DM2000 or PM5D to mix on, I would, but sadly, that ain't NEVER going to happen :** laughs out loud **:


Your thoughts/crits/ideas would be much appreciated!


Many thanks,



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Richmond Sound Design's "Sound Server" is designed to do exactly what you aspire to, and knowing Richmond, it will do exactly what it says on the can. And then there is a software mixer that I cant remember the name of which is popularly packaged with a small pile of Behringer A/Ds, its been discussed on the LAB, but I cant seem to formulate the right query to find it.


Whether Sonar will cut it in a live environment I have no idea.

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Thanks guys, and sorry for the delayed reply - I've been thinking about how best to achieve this.


Sound Server is way out of my budget at the moment, and can't really be repurposed afterwards... A PC however, can :** laughs out loud **:


The software mixer is called SAC. It looks really good, but I need the software to host VST instruments as well.


I've downloaded the Live demo, and will be playing around with it over the next few days. Paul - I use a company called Millennium Music to build my PCs. They are very similar to Carillon, but (IMO) better value for money. The engineer there - Lee - is also always happy to answer questions if I change anything in the box as well.





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