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Best way to rig a single lantern


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Hi all


Just wondered what everyones preference is, when it comes to rigging only one lantern (say a source 4, or couple of LED pars), in a bar/party/event atmosphere.


Rather than using a tripod stand with wide legs, I was thinking something along the lines of one of these Doughty Tank Traps, with a piece of scaff in it:



Any other suggestions that people use?



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The tank trap is perfectly designed for this kind of thing - the only real problem is people. One of these with something at the top of the scaff pole could be perfectly stable, especially with a few weights on the base plate - but could be a real risk when people are close by. Even a gentle sideways push near the top will topple them. Many users routinely rope the top and secure above. The problem is simply stability. You have a 2ft x 2ft base area compared with a typical stand that has a greater span for the legs. Only you can decide if the application you have in mind is safe. What worries me are the words bar/parties/events. This suggest to me we have drink perhaps in a big way. If the device is touchable by the public sober, it's a menace when they're drunk.


Where were you considering putting it?

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Why not go for a BBQ Base Plate? with a 1m diameter I would be quite certain this would be stable enough. and then have an adaptor plate made up if you cant find an already existing solution and hey presto!


As similar events where possibly drunk and careless people have access to the rigging, ive just used a base plate, 3x 10kg Shot bags and a stick of 3-4m Tri truss bolted to the plate and ive never had any problems. even with there being 2x MX-4's and a Robo 518 up top (about 30kg) plus a stack of 56 cans it did not even wiggle.


Note: These base plates are circular, 1m in diameter and I believe they are made from 8mm steel. so theres a fair amount of weight to them.


Not 100% sure if you can get something like this over in the UK but I would expect a similar product to be available.

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The autopoles (Bowens, Arri and ultimately Manfrotto ) will grip between floor and ceiling and leave a black ring where the rubber pad rested. A tripod base is available to special order VERY useful but the superclamp part of the system is rated at 5Kilos and that is NOT much.


IMO the tripod stand is popular because it is one of the best solutions to the problem of holding lamps up. In a crowd of drunks the pyramid starcloth that fits the tripod is a help ti help the punters to see it, but they will still try to trip over it and may even succeede!


Probably look at getting some round tables with a centre hole and put a table cloth on it.

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