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Futurelight MH-660


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I currently have two Futurelight MH-660 on my bench here. Both are showing same fault, when you turn them on the reset fine and strike the lamp. After about 5 mins the relay clicks off shutting down the lamp and error code FtEr shows up followed by HEAT.


I have looked in manual and it says ambient temperature is 40° C or more.


As I cannot locate any thermals in the base I am assuming it is a fault on the temp sensor in the head with the light sensor on the same PCB.


Has anyone seen this problem to comfirm it is most likely this part that is faulty and does anyone know where I can buy spares for futureligths ?





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I have fixxed it now, turns out someone had put the light and heat sensor on the wrong side of the metal plate between the lamp and the fan so the sensor was getting too hot and cutting the lamp out due to thermaling. Now it's on the fan side the unit is working fine and the temp readout is stable at 40'
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Unless it's been replaced recently, change the sensor anyway. These are all old units now and the sensor can fail once the unit's been running for a while.



Yea I changed the light sensor while I was there, they had gone yellow and for the sake of 75p for the part it seemed like a good idea to help the unit last longer before it breaks again........

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Yep, thats the one, looks like a clear led on a small pcb (inch x half inch) mounted next to the lamp....


To drag up a slightly older thread.


What part is the Light Sensor? Looks like just a waterclear LED to me....


I think its time for some of my movers to have theirs replaced.

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According to the service manual that part you want is...


Kingbright L-932P3BT


...which is a phototransistor.


Data Sheet here.


That part looks to be obsolete but the other part number listed on the datasheet above, L-932P3C, seems to be widely available for not much money. I don't have time at the moment to look what the difference is.

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