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Yamaha 01v96 Live Recording


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My suggestion for 8 channels would have been an ADAT interface card for your 01v96 and a ADAT to USB or Firewire interface, unless you need to record at 24/96.


The my16at card should work in the 01v96. Around £350 new or maybe £150-£250 on the usual well-known auction sites. This provides 2 bi-directional 8-channel ADAT interfaces.


You then need a USB or FireWire audio interface with ADAT support.

With a single ADAT interface you have quite a wide variety to choose from, but ADAT equipment tends to usually have FireWire rather than USB interfaces.


Ones with 2 ADAT inputs start getting expensive, unless you're OK using something like an m-audio profire lightbridge or ProFire 2626. Both of these are FireWire only and I don't personally know how well these work.


Something like a Motu 828mkIII also has 2 ADAT ports, again FireWire only, but is probably overkill for your application

The RME products tend to be 'industry standard' for interfacing ADAT to PCs but the portable solutions require a CardBus slot on your laptop.


You could of course use a direct mLan (FireWire) (my16-mLAN) card for the 01v96 but these were expensive and have some additional limitations. I think Yamaha is not actively supporting mLan on new products and the cards may actually be discontinued. if you can find one cheap used then this might be an option.


Note that most of these options also require your laptop to have a FireWire interface which is not standard on most things not made by Job's mob.


Note a working combination of the above is going to cost you only the order of £700-£1000 new by the time you've bought a USB or firewire interface with 2 ADAT ports.


If you really want a 'one-piece' solution where recording latency is not super-critical than something like the my16-aud DANTE card and the included DVS (dante Virtual Soundcard) can be used provided your laptop has an Ethernet interface that you're not using for anything else during recording.


These are sub-£500 so are likely to be the cheapest working solution. Note that I believe dante cards only support 48 and 96 KHz, _not_ 44.1!

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What I use:


(In my case with a DM1000 but the principle is the same.)


MY16AT cards times two via an M-Audio Profire Lightbridge, giving me 32 channels. For 16 channels from the 01V96, you could use the 8 included ADAT channels plus an MY8AT which might save a bit of cash over the MY16AT. However, if there's ever a chance you would want up to 24 channels, the MY16 isn't that much more.


Besides the M-Audio that I use, RME also make an ADAT to Firewire interface that can be recommended.


What I would probably buy now:


The Dante card. It didn't exist when I made my purchase--no personal experience with it but I've heard many positive reports from those using it.



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The Dante card. It didn't exist when I made my purchase--no personal experience with it but I've heard many positive reports from those using it.


Thanks for that report on the Profire Lightbridge. It did seam the cheapest option for proding lots of ADAT ins on a laptop or PC with firewire.


The Dante, of all the options, seems to be both one of the cheapest and best-performing, based on reviews.

I forgot about the built-in ADAT on the 01v96 (I'm an 02r96 user).


The RME Fireface 800 does indeed have FireWire and two ADAT inputs, but I'd discounted it as, at > £900, it's even more expensive than the motu 828, of which I have a mkII with only 1 ADAT input. That seems to work OK provided you're careful with clocking set-up.


Now if somebody made a dante->ADAT adapter...

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Can I send any 16 channels to it? Or is it just the first layer? Also, anyone know the price or a place to purchase from?


Thomann, obviously. Often the cheapest, if you don't have a local supplier you have a good relationship with.


Is should allow any bus outs, aux outs or any input channel direct outs to be patched to it.

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