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Source for IEC faceplates?


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Looking for some single gang or 2-gang faceplates, punched to accept IEC panel outlets. My searches of the usual suspects haven't turned up anything, although it may well be a case of needing the right search terms.


I'd ideally like them to be metal. Colour isn't important. It's for a small custom distro I'm looking at building.


Anyone got a source?

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Thanks for the response!


You can get pre-punched rack plates, like this one from CPC (I know this is a 6-way,

but you could cut it down; they also do several others.)


I've used similar panels for rackmount projects in the past, but for this one I'm keen to avoid something that looks like a bodge. And with my metalworking skills, if I had to cut it down, it would definitely look like a bodge. :D


Alternatively, do a detailed drawing and get a local metalwork company to laser-cut it for you.


Can anyone comment on the cost-effectiveness of that route? I don't want to waste someone's time if it's going to be prohibitively expensive. (It's one of these little projects that would save me hassle on jobs but isn't going to actually generate any money. I want to make a good job of it, but it's hard to justify spending hundreds on it)

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Doing a scaled drawing won't cost anything apart from your time - there are even free CAD programs available for download if you need to produce the output in a standard format compatible with Autocad - the laser cutting company will want to see a scale drawing before giving you a quote; Small local firms are usually cheaper, and if it's a small job that they can fit onto the waste section of a larger job then it might be a more reasonable price - especially if you explain to them that this is a prototype and they may get some future business if you go in for mass production...
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