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Pacrim Line Array


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I reckon you're right about one thing, IT'S CHEAP!

The dispersion figures the company claims are highly suspect and probably fluctuate hugely across the frequency range. The quality of the components used has to be questionable at those prices. A decent pair of 10" speakers that can safely go below 100Hz at volume would cost the same as one of their complete boxes!

It's also gotta be the nastiest looking system ever made!

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Is it actually cheap? £3300 for a vocal package of 3 boxes a side, plus for two subs a side, another £3000. 3 cabs a side hardly meets the characteristics for a line array system, so all in all - we've not really got what I'd call a 'cheap' system, yet it still costs lots of money.


I really see these things, and others like them, as products caught between the two main types - a ground stacked, full range fairly simple system. There are lots of these and for 6 grand, you get plenty of choice. Line array systems (as in something designed to be wide, yet keep sound concentrated) cost much, much more - because they will consist of lots of boxes, and the hardware to hang them from if you're thinking festivals. A budget LA system somehow just isn't one - simply because there's not enough of it. It's just a flown ground stack system that looks 'clever'.


All I know is that with say six grand in my pocket, I'd be very wary of buying something like this for no other reason than it's neither one thing, or another.

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The 4 grand entry level Pacrim L3 speaker system is simply a small underfill system that extends the coverage of a longer hang, we also use the little L3 rig for outdoor paging applications, and for conference speech in hotel rooms with low ceilings where no more than three small thin speakers can be hung without obscuring sightlines on widescreen AV presentations, but 4x 16ohm speakers a side would give better amp loading/ driver coupling


The butterfly design really does give 120' degree of even mid/top dispersion.


The side port/vents do extend the Lf response down towards towards 100 hz, but its aways cut off by the crossover before then anyway.


To get a good J curve long throw / short throw in a big outdoor field we use 9 speaker a side set up, L5/L3 combo, and 4 dual subs a side, but that sells for 18 grand.


I do agree that you do pay for what you get, and for larger jobs this summer, I talked the festival promoter we work with into renting in ML executives' 40 pound per day/ £3 grand a box Turbosound flex array for some of the festivals we did, which was great to use, but on tighter budget ones, where perhaps having plenty of headroom and the ultimate in fidelity isn't the promotors main motivator when choosing a pa system, the £20 a day /£750 a box Pacrim package can be of benefit.


the laptop controlled power amps are very whizzy, but do run out of steam when pushed hard, and so for next year were looking to buy 12x power amps and a dbx drive rack to replace the internal active amps, but that will put the system price up a lot more


We dont ground stack the system above the bins, as you cant get the desired downwards angle, and thus have made up a 12ft height goalpost frames to hang the stack either side of the stage, if there are no flying points in the right place.

were doing a demo at Bonzas in Guildford on Weds 8th sept.

hope the info is usefull.

Ta Rog

piccy of 6x L5s

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