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Chiayo r 1001 radio mic


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Hi guys


got asked buy a friend to have a look at his radio mic as its not working.


the radio mic in question is http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=43506 :D


The handheld mic is broadcasting its RF but no audio is coming though apart from the occasional bit of interference.


I believe the problem to be in the diafram of the mic. I was wondering if it is possible to buy a replacement head piece for this system, if there is any way to fix it. or if the system is dead



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Let's be honest - it cost £60, lasted a year until the warranty ran out. I'd suggest you could just break off the mic element, and fit any cheap and grotty head to it, and with a bit of araldite, make it solid again. However, dynamic mics rarely go wrong, so my guess is the fault is somewhere else - but you need another receiver, or even a scanner will do - so you can see if the mic really is working, and it's the receiver that has died?


It's value, working and second hand would be perhaps £25 tops, so it's just a bit like having a 15 year old car fail the MOT. Unless it's dirt simple to fix, it's just uneconomic. So some basic fault finding - and simply unsoldering the wires from the mic element, and then buzz touching them should at least let you know if it's the element or not - then listening on a scanner will confirm operation/or not of the transmitter.

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