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Hire Company in Cumbria

Ross Bristo

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I'm looking to hire 2 follow spots for a show in October and I'm planning on hiring 2 for 1 week. I've looked in to Stage Electrics and they can rent them at a reasonable price however delivery to Carlisle would cost £70 which is not practical considering the show is a charity fundraiser. I've considered driving over to their Newcastle base to pick them up but decided against it mainly because I can't spear the petrol money :D


Does anyone know of any hire companies within Cumbria that could hire me some follow spots?


Any help is appreciated,





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Have a look for Northern Lights and/or Northern Stage.


Used to use them when I was involved in an outfit based just outside Ulverston.


My old phone book gives me the following numbers..but I've not been involved there for 7+ years.


N. Lights: 0870 0855 085 - The contact name I have is a Mike Pendeloski

N. Stage: 01706 849469 - I have no contact name but if I recall correctly I'm sure they had a rep that worked in Ulverston Coronation Hall called Gorden Crayston


Good luck.

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