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Suggestions on new PA for small venue


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Hi everyone!


This is my first post and I'm looking for some advice.


I run a small venue with a maximum capacity of about 150 persons. We do both live-gigs and parties with techno and house dj's (+everything in between). We are planning on buying a completely new rig (speakers, amps, filters). Our budget is £3000-7000.


The best suggestion I've got from a dealer this far is

2x JBL MRX525

2x JBL MRX528S

1x XTi 2000

1x XTi 4000


for about £5700


Any oppinions on this or other suggestions?

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My first is a general suggestion - NEVER spend that kind of money on loudspeakers without getting a demo first!


My second requires me to declare my interest as a dealer under Blue Room rules - I would look at the EV Tour-X range , probably 2x TX1152 as top/mids and 2 x TX2181 subs, with a DC-One LS management system and probably Q series amps. In my view these will outperform the JBLs, but don't take mine or anybodys word for it, listen to all the possible systems before buying.




If you were in the south of England I could easily arrange a demo for you, but I'm not sure who your local dealer would be.

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So how are things in Stockholm then? Still as expensive I see. Better to get local demos as Robin says. Some kit like HK/Lab Gruppen may even be cheaper there than here. BR members in the UK may not comprehend the quantum leap in prices unless they have been there. But don't get JBL, please.
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thanks for replys!


I'd rather not get JBL and that's what most people's been saying. But no, that budget will not get me Martin.

I'm looking at some used equipment, but not sure what the deal is yet. I will listen to what I can, but another problem in Stockholm is finding a serious dealer with reputation that stock more than one of the brands we're interested in. And 90% of them are mailorder, located far away.


The stuff we have been using so far is huge Hagström-speakers from the 70's, they sound surprisingly good, but will be gone in a couple of weeks, so I 'm also in a bit of a hurry. Plan B is to rent until I can find a good deal.


We have a Labgruppen ss500-amp, is this worth using or better to sell and buy new?

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If you want to buy second-hand, I'd go for a Martin H3/SB218 system. If you look around a bit you'll be able to find a really good price on one.


Also check ex-hire sections from SSE, Crystal Pro, Concert Systems and ebay has some good offerings too.


There are other sites that have used sales but I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll get those to you later ;)

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I contacted SSE and Concert Systems, they ship to Sweden, but of course that's another expense that needs to be taken into account. But even so, it could turn out to be a better bet then what I can get a hold of in Sweden, so thanks for the tip!


Problem is I would need to buy without listening..

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