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Allen & Heath iDR-4


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Hi all, I'm after a little advice:


I am trying to fix an Allen & Heath iDR-4 matrix after a failed code update. At power-up the screen remains blank, if the code update switch is engaged it displays the update screen then times-out, so the screen itself and part of the unit is still functioning. I have tried updating the code over cat5 but haven't managed to get the unit communicating with the software manager despite trying different network conigurations (as the screen doesn't function I can't change any comms settings on the unit). The last thing to try is updating the code over RS232, but I'm waiting for delivery of a lead for that.

A dealer had instructed the previous guy to short out the internal reset pins, that may have made it worse!


Has anyone else had problems updating the code and seen anything like this, or is there anything else I could try? All suggestions gratefully received!

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