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Faulty JBL Eon Power15


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Hi all,


I've got a JBL Eon Power15 which makes a constant crackling sound as soon as it's powered up, irrelevant of any input or the volume control.

The crackling comes through both the 15" and the horn.


The specs say it's biamped with an active crossover, it would follow that the problem would be before or at the crossover if it's across both channels of the amp - could anyone offer any advice on trying to narrow down where the problem is coming from? Anywhere I should try metering to try and find an unusual voltage or faulty component?


I will add a photo of the PCB when I can.


I know the easiest option would be send it off for repair or replace the crossover/amp board but I really want to start learning how to diagnose and fix faults like this.



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Thanks for the advice - I took it apart and powered it up and the crackling was gone annoyingly, will have to keep coming back to it and hope the problem appears while I actually have it in a position where I can look for a fault.


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