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EV EVA-2082S versus OHM Ersa Minor


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We are looking at replacing our PA speakers and amps in our 350 seat auditorium. I would like to hear any thoughts on the benefits of the following two systems



6no. EVA-2082S 920 Line array modules (black)

2no. EVA-SG-BLK Extendable flying frames (black)

4no. EVA-AM Attenuation modules 2no.

Flying kits – Shackles, steels, clamps etc.

1no. DC-One Loudspeaker Processor


We are to use some existing Yamaha amps and no bass bin is included.




Ohm Ersa Minor active speakers, inc hanging cradles. To form an array system.

10 Rigged to form 2 x hangs of 4 plus two fills

1 PUKK-212 Powered sub for above system

4 DSP-A3 Amplifiers

1 CRED2-6 Controller



I'm interested to hear from anyone who has used either of the systems, particularly the Ohm Ersa Minor, as to the performance etc.

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Looking at the choice, I must admit that it's an interesting choice for a fairly small venue with essentially square auditorium and no a huge didtance front to back. I expect Mr Beech will be along soon (the whiff of the word line-array usually does it) but based on similar topics before, I think the general comment is likely to question the need for line arrays in venues like this where vertical dispersion is rarely a problem. In venues like this, it seems more common to have a number of small cabs that can be aimed to cover specific areas of the audience. Most manufacturers have something in their range (and if you prefer EV and OHM, they have them) that can be panned and tilted, and hung from convenient points. Clusters in small venues are not quite so useful, as very often you need to splay them more than the mountings can handle. Personally, I'd think a conventional drop of4 or more line-array style boxes won't be wide enough, and with the smaller ones you still have to find somewhere for the bass cabinets.


The kit you've highlighted in the quantities detailed is also quite expensive and maybe a little lacking in the value for money stakes in this case. Not enough to really work as a line array, and you pay quite a bit for the benefits of being able to use them like this?

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Mackie have recently introduced a constant curvature line array into their HD series, called the HDA. Iirc 12" lf and dual beyma compressions. They also have an 18 inch flyable sub which these can be flown under, or ground stacked on, all active.


For a 350 seat auditorium, are you sure that a full line array is not overkill?


Mains on stage, then another set flown half way up the hall will give good sound coverage.

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We have had two companies in to survey and spec up the systems. A line array is what both recommended.


We have has a demonstration of the Ohm kit in our auditorium and have to say it sounds superb.


Thank you for your responses so far but can I direct you back to the question in hand - Out of Ohm or EV, which do you think is best??

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I'd be happy with either of your choices. I happen to have a minor slant towards UK company OHM because spares are cheap and they're a helpful bunch; however the same can be said of Telex Shuttlesound (EV UK) so the dilemma continues!


Both make a quality product.

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