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Please can anyone help, I am doing some pre programming work for a show,


I am using Light Jockey to run some LED battens that are a royal pain to get up and running, I have borrowed all the kit from work to get them sorted so we don't need to worry about them just to find that I can't download the martin USB - DMX driver, the link wont work and throws up an error,



Does anyone have the diver exe. file they can email me?????????

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The driver should be downloaded when the Lightjockey program is installed, so try downloading the full program if the driver link doesn't work. Remember if you are using the Universal USB, you have to extract the driver before plugging in the USB device otherwise the drive will not install. If you have already plugged in the USB box go to device manager and uninstall the device. Then browse to the driver folder (C:\Program Files\Martin Professional\Martin Lightjockey\Hardware Drivers\Universal USB - I think, I am doing this from memory) In that folder should be a single program file, run that program and follow the wizard through. Once it has finished plug in the USB and the driver should install properly.


If it still doesn't work PM me or call Martin.



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