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Cong Jr Issue


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Hi Guys,


I am running a Congo Jr in our performance space and am having increasing difficulty with playing back chase effects. It doesn't matter how I record the chase, if I save the show and restart the console ALL prerecorded chase effects revert to just 3 lights [that weren't in the original recording] playing in sequence.


Any ideas what this could be? I'm getting sick of reprogramming all my effects before each of the performances! :rolleyes:




Adam x

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Which version/update are you running. Is it saving the show files normally other than chase information? As there are a few ways of recording chases on Congo how are you making your chases.
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The problem is that you're never telling the Chase Effect Playback (E #) which chase you want - so it's playing the first chase, because that's the Home position.


The thing to remember is this:

Chase Effect Playbacks are just like scrollers.


On show load or system start, they move to the Home position, just like any moving light.

For Chases, this is the first one (default name is C1)


To make them play a different chase, change the Chase attribute - the same as changing the Color attribute of a scroller.


For busking, easiest method is:


Select the Chase Effect Playback

Set the Chase Effect Playback attributes as you need, and set the Intensity where you want.

[Record] & [Master_Key]

Choose "Preset" as the option with left/right arrows or [Tab] key. (This is the default option if the Master was empty)

[Record] to Confirm.


Now raise the Master.

This plays the Chase *and* sets the Attributes to what you chose.


- You can switch which chase a given Chase Effect Playback is playing at any time - even while it's running - so you almost never need more than three or four Chase Effect Playbacks.


Finally, in case you didn't find it yet, the {Chase} softkey on the {Effect} softkey page pops open the Chases list for you to edit and create new Chases.

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