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lvds wiring


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Hi, Im trying to connect an LVDS lcd panel up to an LVDS socket on an SBC (single board computer) but I'm a little confused.


The SBC has jumpers for 18 or 24 bit displays, my LCD panel is 18 bit so the sbc is jumpered to 18 bit.


My lcd panel has 4 pairs of LVDS wires, ie data pair 0, pair 1, pair 2, and clock pair.


The SBC has 5 pairs of pins, data pair 0, 1, 2, 3 and clock; I assume the extra data pair are for the 24 bit option?


My question is, which pairs do I use and which one do I disgregard for my 18-bit panel?






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Normally 0,1 & 2 for 18 bit panels.


You will want to use impedace controlled wiring, these signals are quite fast enough to have signal quality issues if you do not pay attention, and you may have some voltage jumpers on the SBC to set as well (These are important).


Gods, the obsure things we learn in this job!


Regards, Dan.

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Thanks Dan, I sort of guessed what you said but thought I'd better ask the experts.

There's also a jumper for 3.3 or 5v but my panel is 3.3 so that's fairly clear.

The wiring is already there as I'm simply upgrading the SBC and have had to chop off the old LVDS plug; I should've ordered a complete interconnect kit at the time but it slipped my mind. These Hirose plugs are sending me boss-eyed.

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