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Pink flys the wrong way!


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Bl**dy 'el


Looks like one of the dancers attaching the lines hadn't completed doing so by the time the motors started.


I wonder whether the x-symbol she was making with her arms was stop the motor sequence starting and if so, why wasn't it instead set so that it could start until both where attached and the dancers were clear?


At least they stopped it before she went airbourne


Pink (real name: Alicia Moore) later returned to her Twitter account to explain how the accident happened: " didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade." Amazingly enough, Moore kept fans updated throughout her hospital visit. "Nothings broken," she reported. "No fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore. I made that barricade my b*tch!!!" Thanx nurnberg :P"



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Ouch for the dancer who was dragged off the other way too.


I assume that because the stunt had been done so many times without fail, some people responsible weren't looking as closely as they should! and the system stopped itself because of a lack in tension of the wires..

the band noticed the was something wrong straight away!


you can see her and her dancer talking about it before she makes the cross with her arms..


I wonder whether the x-symbol she was making with her arms was stop the motor sequence starting
me too, It wasn't a dance move I remember from when I went to watch :P


When the stunt is done properly it is an amazing watch. the wires are barely noticeable. and the amount of concrete blocks on the base's and the towers still wobble!


"okay. full steam ahead people.no pain, no gain. or is it no brain, no pain? either way, I will be on that stage, even if I have to crawl:)" from her twitter today


A very gutsy woman

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it looks like the lines are pulling as they are still trying to strap in you can see the dancer pulling back on it before she gets thrown off stage


Yeh, I've watched this a couple of times now and it seems to be quite a mistake. There are guys either side of the stage (big hefty men!) who seem to be supervising the act. Surely the fly would not be triggered on the basis that the straps look to be attached, so I assume someone by the stage authorised it to begin? If so, that was some major communication issue and one that could have resulted in far worse effects.

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If you click on the text 'Pink Flys' you will find out. Generally, underlined text signifies a Link. Although sometimes of course it is just underlined text that is used to add emphasis. In this case, it's a link.





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shes definately looking stage right at something when here arms are in "X".. to me that means they could tell things were tensing up and that was a stop order..


brain fart or dyslexic fingers on the control? communication cockup? gonna be a toughy but guaranteed there was a decent shouting match after that one!! Respect to her for getting on stage and appologising for not performing in a calm and controlled maner.. if it were me I wouldnt be hiding my anger!


infact on 2nd view, you can see her get dragged arround... turn to stage right.. waggle her finger in a "no" motion then make the X...

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