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PILOT 3000 Console malfunction


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Hey guys. Been a long time since I've been on here, but have a problem with a Pilot3000 console that I've not encountered. Here's the situation;


A majority of the console's functions work fine. In the troubleshooting scenario I was in, I isolated the problem at the console, there were no fixture, or data issues. The 6 Scene faders work and the editor and touch screen operate normally. Using the fixture editor, I'm able to use a variety of fixtures, namely Palcos, LED Pars, and a variety of Martin movinglights, particularly Mac250 entours.


The console allows me to set a scene. I save the scene to a playback button. Adjust my fadetime and any cue options that are available. I press the playback button and nothing happens. Returning the following week, the same error occurs, but then evolves. The cue now causes the moving lights to reset and lamp-off. When I use the LOAD feature to edit the cue, the parameters I've stored in the console are properly recalled, but it still won't PLAY them back at all. The same error affects the dimmer/shutter info in the LEDs, random flickering and such.


Finally, I had enough, I pulled the console and replaced with another Pilot that supposedly had no issues. Sure enough, the cues played back perfectly.


Any technicians out there that may have had this issue or have taken a Pilot apart before? If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. "Your board is F*@!'ed" is a perfectly legit, professional opinion as well :D


- Jason

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Yeah I figured as much. I've already contacted SGM and am hoping they can provide some info to help me tech the console (circuitry schematics and such).


I'm mostly curious to see if any other Pilot3000 users have experienced similar problems.


Aside from some programming logic improvements that could be made, this console is quite fantastic for what it is.

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Usually SGM have good product support.. if you struggle finding a solution get in touch with me.. I know personally one of the Product Specialists for SGM/RCF who may be able to help you if your struggling!


Good luck!

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I have no experience with the pilot, however in your position I'd start with the simple. Check the physical PLAY button and it's wiring to the circuit board, check and reseat all connections, check for any obvious damage to circuit boards/components, if you're feeling ambitious follow the traces checking for continuity and appropriate tolerances on components. This of course assuming its a hardware fault which it appears to be...
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Hi Jason,


Sorry for the delayed reply... I've not been around on the forum for a while!


My company is the service and support agent for SGM within the UK, and would be pleased to get any information you need. If you could let me know if the problem is still outstanding then we can try and sort it for you!


Also, it may be worth mentioning that version 2.0 software is available for the Pilot 3000 which has some fairly major advances - you may wish to consider upgrading, which could of course in turn solve this other issue.


Best Regards,


Maria Jenkins

Experience Lighting

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