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Roland M400 software oddity


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Folks - I'm preparing in advance for an event where I'm hiring in an M400, so I'm setting routing and stuff up beforehand using the software. But this is odd: when I 'select' one of the DCA channels, the DCA group assign screen comes up, even though I have already assigned channels to DCA groups. And I have to close it before I can do anything else, yet when I do close it, the channel display reverts to whichever channel was selected beforehand. Does that mean that there is no channel display for the DCA other than the assign screen?


Sorry if I'm not explaining this well...

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The screen you get when you select DCA group is both your select screen and your controll screen although I agree that the channel name in the middle can be a bit confusing. With the last two green buttons saying edit and assign your faders control the dca volume, when your in assign you assign! The software won't display the DCA sliders as part of the bottom displayof sliders,IMHO it should appear when you press the aux/mtx button on the bottom right hand side of the screen but I assume roland have left this out for some reason


Hope this helps

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The DCA is a 'control group', and is not a 'channel'.

'select' allows you to select the channel you wish to adjust the EQ or AUX sends etc.

The DCA does not have EQ or AUX to adjust.

So, when you 'select' the DCA - the only parameters you can change that relate to the DCA are the channels selected for control.

The DCA behaves as a VCA on an analogue mixer. there are no EQ or AUX controls here either.

The desk will display the DCA faders in place of the matrix faders on the meter screen - change the display options in 'user preferences' - 'other' on the M400.

The software also will display the DCA faders - by pressing 'DCA 1-8 ON FADER' on the 'DCA GROUP' screen.

The channel label in the centre top position shows which 'channel' the 'EQ/AUX/PREAMP/GATE/COMP' controls on the M400 will affect.

This is where you return to.

It is possible on the M400 to access and control any channel or aux or matrix regardless of the layer selected; using the meter screen and the cursor keys to position the red box; then fader is on the wheel and virtual channel strip to adjust 'EQ/AUX/PREAMP/GATE/COMP'.


ps: depending on software version the DCA will affect all AUX sends.(PRE and POST).

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Thanks - that all seems to confirm what I'd discovered; nice to have it set out so clearly. Appreciate the help. Now all I've got to do is find one for hire - the folk I thought I was getting it from seem to be having some problems. Anyone got a spare?
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