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Splitting free sat signal


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Hello All,

We have a free sat aerial installed in the venue, this feeds the all the Tv's, but during the world cup they wanna have two free sat boxes running, so we can show one game on the main screen and another on the Tv's behind the bar.


We have all the distrobution and the ability to route all the signal.


My questions is can you split the aerial signal and feed two free sat boxes, I know the box sends voltage to the dish so I guess not? Or does anyone know of a free sat box that has an aerial out ?


Or can anyone think of another way of doing it with out installing another aerial?


CPC do some LNB type splitters ? Are theese any good ?


Sorry for all the questions



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niclights is correct - either replace the standard LNB with a dual or quad, and run extra cables. Make sure you don't go for a quattro.


There might be a way round it by using a passive splitter, but this will only work if you have plenty of signal strength, and if you are lucky with your channel choice. The split will introduce at least a 3dB loss.


The receiver signals to the LNB whether it wants to receive low or high band, and V or H polarisation. 4 options. If you set up one box as the master and tune it in, then tell the other box not to signal, it should be able to receive around a quarter of the channels - those with the same band and polarisation as the master is tuned to. If you're lucky, the 2 channels you want will be in the same quadrant.. I guess its a 25% chance!


But the best solution will be a dual/quad LNB.


Some more info on http://www.satcure.com/tech/splitters.htm


That site also includes a link to a document with 4 channel lists (split by band and polarisation). If the 2 channels you want are in the same list, a passive split should work.

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Make sure you don't go for a quattro.
Its probably unlikely in your scenario, but if you wanted more than four boxes connected, then you can use a quattro (which gives one of each of the variants H/V and L/H) on each connector, then you can plug those feeds into a device called a multiswitch, which basically routes the right output to each box, depending on what it asks for, then you just buy a big enough multiswitch to feed all the boxes you wanted. However as Bruce says a dual/quad will be fine for what you want to do and probably far cheaper.
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