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Stuck with choice of DMX lighting control for mac, any help please?


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tvi675 this is one probably best amied at you, I am looking at running this with magicq is this totally compatable and will be a plug and play job?


The thomann one is marked as ArKaos because the ArKaos media server software (www.arkaos.net) supports the Enttec Pro as a DMX input.


With regard to setup, you just need to install the drivers for it, I assume Enttec supply these somehow with the interface. Then in MagicQ go SETUP, VIEW DMX I/O and for universe 1 set Status = Enabled, Out Type = Enttec Pro.





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Another option is Cuelux, which runs on the mac. It has a much smaller learning curve than MagicQ, but you'll need to buy their specific hardware to use it. You will also need a MIDI interface (they recommend some on their website).


As a side note, does MagicQ support the CueCable (the USB-DMX interface for Cuelux)? The hardware seems very similar to the Open USB-DMX.

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I'd vote for MagicQ too ... works great on a mac, and their PC Wings are excellent too.


I've also used LimeLIGHT on Windows running in VMware, so it need not be Mac-only if you're willing to run virtualised OS (although I wouldn't do that as a permanent solution :D


Cuelux also looks quite nice but I've never used it beyond tinkering with the demo as I don't have a DMX interface for that.

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