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LanBox LCE as protocol converter


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So according to the manual the LanBox LCE can be used as a protocol converter and I quote


Q: Can I use a LanBox as a protocol converter? A: Yes you can, but you'd be using only a fraction of its capabilities. You can use the LanBox as an TCP/IP, AppleTalk to DMX, serial to DMX and MIDI to DMX convertor


yet for the life of me I really cant figure out how to make it do this.


By this I mean I wish to use a piece of software named TJShow, which includes in the software the option to output via the Lanbox UDP protocol. And judging by the cmd light on my LanBox it is receiving data, however my dimmer is not receiving DMX.


Anyone got any ideas?

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When sending udp data at a lanbox the second byte of string sets the target , either a layer or the main mixer , ect


In your softwhere what settings are there for lanbox output , if you are sending data to a layer the channels you want to control must be active in that later , if you target the mixer it dosent matter


One option is if your softwhere can output artnet , try the latest firmwhere that allows artnet rx & tx, note this only on the LCX

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