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Les Mis


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Hi Folks,


At a forthcoming musical night, I want to try to recreate that classic Les Mis "Tricoloure" look for some of the songs. I have substituted Parcans for whatever excellent bit of kit the real production uses. I have a decent red gel but which blue colour is best for this effect?


Even holding a sheet/swatch in front of me, my "eye" for blue gels is poor/untrained and I either choose something too pale or too purple or too wrong! As I don't want to buy one of every blue in the shop, can you give me a hand?





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I used lee 119 in parcans as well.But you need a lot of haze to get the fx over.Make sure the colours are blue ,white and red stage right to left,as this is the right way the tricolor is flown.Greatshow to work on.Have fun.


Brian :rolleyes:

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