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Behringer 2442A stereo channels broken?

Jonathan Mellor

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Hi, my church has a very old Behringer Eurodesk MX2442A (16mono, 4 Stereo) with an external PSU, had it for years, awful mixer but does the job. Noticed last week that there was no bottom-end on any of the stereo channels.

I've tried new cables, different playback devices etc... still get the same problem, comes back very tinny. It is only an issue on the 4 stereo channels, the mono channels are fine. I've never heard of an issue like this before so would appreciate some advice on what might have broken.


We're wanting to replace the mixer, but until we can find enough money for an upgrade we have to make do with the behringer desk.





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Could be something to do with the polarity being reversed between L & R inputs.


What's plugged in, how, and has anything changed since the last time it was working properly?


Edit to put link for the Desk schematic, which shows the stereo inputs are balanced. :)

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