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Firewire Audio Interfaces.


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I'm looking to upgrade my home studio so that I can record much more tracks simultaneously most likely using logic Pro. But importantly I want to have a minimum of 8 tracks available to record together into logic, so that I can be free to edit them separately.


Which really rules out any USB mixers I have found, seeing as usually only 2 stereo tracks can be exported via USB. Since a lot of fire wire mixing desks are somewhat out of my price range. I have been looking at some fire wire audio interfaces, alongside which I could then have a relatively cheap mixer for any monitoring and headphone leveling, etc if needed. seeing as pretty much all my mixing can be done in logic. (Or I could record into a decent mixer and link that to the computer via an interface using the direct ins and outs...)

either way..

My price limits for interface (and mixer if needed) is about £300-400 from which I obviosly want to squeeze the best out of in terms of recording quality.


so far my best find is the Alesis I/O 26.


Just looking for opinions and guidance! on this product and alternatives. and some advice on the mixers side.

or even any other completely different possible recording setups.


many Thanks.

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Presonus Firestudio Project

Focusrite Saffire

M-Audio Profire - a touch over, but rather nice.



Tascam US-1641


All have 8 mic inputs - hope this helps.


I'm about to buy one of the Tascams for an up and coming project myself - mainly because Firewire for video is on the wane - and USB2 seems better implemented on many new computers without having to add firewire cards.

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Check out the MOTU 8Pre. It's a 1U Firewire interface with 8 mic/line inputs, ADAT I/O and MIDI.




Fits into your price range and importantly, it sounds very good! I have used it for several small projects with excellent results.


PM if I can be of further help.




Loud Audio Ltd.

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you have zero latency monitoring through the soundcard software for headphone mixes etc


Does anyone find this feature useful? I tend to use the features within the software to provide mixes - I've found the occasional use for the knob on the unit but it's not a major feature I would use much. I have to own up to using it to let me route a MD player through to the monitor amp without having to turn on the PC, for simply playing music - but during a recording session it's a bit kind of obsolete?

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I use an m-audio 1814 which has 2 pre-amps and 8 line ins, and I expand it via the optical input, theres a range of products that you can use, I think the cheapest out there is the behringer ultragain 8 (not that I strongly recommend it) but this gives you 10 pre-ins and 8 line ins on a great budget, hope this helps.




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