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Help with finding a Chevy Nova car

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I am currently working as Stage Manager on the production of 'The Strip' with students from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, which is due to open at The Oval House Theatre on, Friday 30th April 2010.

This production is about a group of friends which go on a road trip around the UK and abroad. Part of their journey takes place in a Chevy Nova car peferable from 1974 where we are planning to film these scenes which will be used as part of the audio visual throughout the performance.

I am having a little crisis in finding anywhere and any one who may have this car or very similar to which wouldn't mind a group of Mountview students using their car to film. The car wouldn't be driven and, only the inside of the car would be filmed. oooo and also there is very little budget to. Any help would be gratefully recieved!!! =D!


Many Thanks,



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Guest lightnix

Hi Little Esther - welcome to the Blue Room :** laughs out loud **:


If you're only filming the inside of the car, does have to be an actual Nova?


Maybe you could try one of the many American car owners clubs dotted around the UK. These guys have a Chevy club among their number and there's an extensive list of clubs here - hope that helps.


PS - American cars started to get smaller after 1973 - when the price of petrol doubled over the Summer. You might find that something from the very early '70s has more room to shoot in :rolleyes:

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Hey lightnix,


Thank you for your reply to my message, your help has been amazing I got in contact with the company and they said they may be able to sort something out for us. Which is a little ray of light for me at the moment because, every door I have been down at the moment hasn't got me any where as of yet.


Hope you are ok and thank you for your help,


Esther :)

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