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Lighting Desk for a band


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Just up grading the lights in the band into a DMX system..par 64s Leds ,strobe and a few other lighting effects...then came the time to get a desk...something more into sceans than chases and one easy to control on stage by a band member.

In the last bandI was in we used Pulsar 216 Masterpiece and easy to just lay your finger on the touch pad and to go to one channel to the next . So being away for lighting for some time I went and got a Transcension Scene Setter..24 channel DC1224 desk ....the instructions were so basic it took me ages to save scenes and then seems to want you to save everthing to chases...so at the moment im using the one slider on one slider off method...do you think this is the right desk or can some one point out a better way thanks stewart

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