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does this even exist?


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I think I can remember a 'magic pint glass' which appeared to be full and when tipped up appeared to empty. It would be brilliant for my current show but I can't find it in any of the magic/joke shops I've tried.


All suggestions gratefully received!



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As you've described - no there's no such thing.


There are (within magic) glasses that appear to be full of liquid which you then "pour" in to another vessel when in reality the liquid never leaves the original glass and the original glass now looks half empty. HOWEVER they're a lot more expensive than you'd think for one pint glass sized, it's a one-time only cycle (you then have to perform an off-stage reset) and the choice of liquid is restricted; beer would be a no-no, Milk is the most common and suitable liquid.


Give us some more details of specifically what you want to achieve and I can link you to a specific prop or give advice on alternatives.

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