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DMX wall outlets


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Hi guys,


Looking for DMX wall outlets as I'm designing an install. I've searched many pages on the web and couldn't find any.


Any one got a link to anyone who supplies them???


Also whilst on this topic I am running cat5 from the splitter to the actual wall outlets then need them converting to 5 pin DMX there. is there a wall outlet that will allow a cat5 connection on the rear of the outlet but a 5 pin DMX on the user side??



Hope someone can help



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Just had a quick think. Is fairly easy to do as long as you arent shy of a wee bit of DIY.


Standard single socket wall box, with a blanking plate on the front



Then a chassis mount 5-pin XLR (for DMX) into a hole that you can cut/drill into the faceplate. Secured by a couple of self-tappers.




As for the conversion, could you not just solder the cable onto the contacts?

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