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Best way to light underneath 3 raised platform stages


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Hi there


basicly I need to light underneath some raised staging as the actors will be hiding underneath the space I have is about 1 sq meter any idears I thought about putting a par can underneath it but the realised it gets knocked and unfocused by the actors and therefore is worthless


I have at my dispsol unlimited supply of profiles and par cans and PC's and we have 4 martin mac 250 entours any idears people

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As JSB has said the height is important, as is the viewing angle. If the audience cannot see the underside of the staging I'd consider using 4ft flourries. As you have correctly said PARs are not an option, not only because they'll be knocked over but also as they are a burn and fire hazard.


All the best


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Guest lightnix

Fluories are very easy to break - even with a diffuser in front of them.


My €0.02: A couple of lengths of ropelight, run around the inside edge of the rostrum. That or warm white LED strips.

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