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Avolites Visualiser

PAL lighting

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I am fairly new to the PC based design softwares as I find it much easier with a stencil and a piece of paper, but would like to progress!


I have had a look at Visualiser but can seem to find the generic fixtures, am I just blind or are they not there?



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They are there but off the top of my head it is literally just a generic single channel fixture. If you can't find it under the moving head menu try the mirror / scan one under "generic" or maybe "dimmer". Sorry that's probably not much help but I haven't used it in a long time, but you can definitely do a generic fixture and assign colour and beam angle etc.


Hope that helps


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I'm still struggling to work out how to place a standard par64 on a dimmer into the visualiser. I might be being really stupid but could someone tell me what it is called in the Moving Heads list? Every RGBA or whatever unit that I select seems to take up several channels of DMX rather than just one dimmer



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