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Zero 88 Fat Frog Fixture problem


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Hi there,

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the fixtures I create onto my fat frog. I created a fixture profile using the fixture editor. Saved it as an ift (I think) file, and put it on a floppy. Then when I'm in super user assigning the fixtures I select load from floppy and I'm told that there are no profiles on the floppy. I thought I'd gotten around this by adding my ift to the common fixture list. My fixture came up on the list then, and I was able to assign it, but it had no effect on the fixture in question at all.

How do you make a fixture profile?

I need a simple 4 channel profile, 1 pan, 2 tilt, 3 gobo, 4 colour. But it doesn't seem to want to interface with the frog, any ideas?

For now I'm using and Acme profile, which performs every task I need, but, with incorrect perameter names, so its a long labourious workaround, which doesn't help other people using the desk.


anyway, I've rambled enough!


any help is much appriciated.



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Firstly, what is the fixture you are trying to create a profile for? If the Acme profile works then try using that as a base for your fixture and edit it so that it has the correct names?


If you can point me to the detailed channel configuration I'll make up a profile for you or email me your .ift and I'll have a look at it and see it it loads on our desk.

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I'll email you the ift when I'm in work tomorrow.

The profile is for a Spektronic scanner, I can't remember the model number off hand, but they arrived second hand with no documentation and a crazy non-binary dip switch system which took long enough to figure out.

There are only four channels on it, Pan, tilt a colour wheel and a gobo wheel. So it should be a simple fixture profile to make. No doubt I'm doing something wrong in the fixture creating process though. It's the first fixture I've had to write, this is all pretty new to me, so, as I say, I'll send you the ift, and go from there.


Cheers for the help.

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Hi Chris


Can you email me the details? I'll get a profile built and added to our library and that'll help anyone else who might have the same fixtures too!








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cheers peter, you have mail.


I must say I'm really impressed with how helpful everyone on here is and, reading through other Zero 88 topics, how helpful and active the Zero 88 staff are with their customers.


Thanks a lot.



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We have trouble using floppies have been formatted in a PC with our Bullfrog, so we always format them in the desk before using them in a PC. Usually it will read a PC-formatted floppy but in our experience will not write to one, although it can't hurt to try.


Edit: Reading more it seems your profile was available to be read to the desk so may not be this problem. Still worth remembering IMO though.

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