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Hi there I am supervising an opera of Carmen set in 1960's (late Franco)

I need to beg, borrow,steal,buy,hire (but its for a LONG run and short budget) Wondered if anyone knew of anywhere I might procure 6 of these or similar.They are greyish woolish and 4 pockets with stand up collars.

I have searched thru uniforms in this forum but wondered if there might be any more advice?

Of course I need to appologise for not being on here more often.....sorry but you know if you need anything that we might have in stock at Scottish Opera than do get in touch and I am sure I can do you a good deal!

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I'm sure you've tried all the usual suspects, (Angels, Flame/Torbay)


I did buy some uniforms that sound like this, though I'm sure they were not, from Sabre Sales (023 9283 3394) a few years ago when I wanted some non-discript uniforms, they may be worth a try.

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