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splitting audio out from mixer


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We have the 'rec out' from our mixer connected to the line in of a pc for recording purposes.


What we would like to do is to connect this 'rec out' to be split in to 3 so that we can connect it to 2 pc's and a wireless mix transmitter.


How should we do this?


If we could find a device that would split the output in to 3 and had some sort of volume control for each device that would be ideal.



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I assume this is a RCA unbalanced rec out? Are all the devices within a few feet of each other? If so you can just use simple passive splitters (no components needed) to feed 2 x PC soundcards and the line input of a transmitter. If you are a bit handy with a soldering iron then three x 10K log pots would be all that is necessary to have level controls.


If you'd like a sledghammer to crack the nut, the Behringer MX882 absolutely rocks at splitting and combining tasks, and has lots of LEDs that look real purty ;)

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