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I'm currently speccing up for an install.


I have an area 31 meters in length, 14 meters in width one end and 5 meters the other...so quite a funny shape, kind of like a wedge.


Its a big space with a 10m high ceiling and glass walls.


Surprisingly acoustics are very good due to a 25 story drop - its open plan at the top of an office building.


They want to install a sound system that can be used from anything to background music, vocal reproduction and DJ's.


The most common scenario is a small stage in the middle of the 31 meter wall.


I am looking to spend around £12K and am favoring towards four NEXO PS10's along the length of the 31m wall, which should give good coverage, and 2 NEXO subs for when there is a DJ playing. Aesthetics are a big issue and it needs to look visually pleasing and not too obtrusive. so want to steer away from installing speakers on the other walls.


I have been looking into small arrays as-well and am unsure what option to go for - cabs or array?? along the lines of the new Omni Line from Martin Audio or some of the Bose products....I have used NEXO, Funktion and HK before but have very little experience with the Bose Panaray type speakers and none at all with the Omni Line!


The 12K budget needs to include Amps and system control aswell....


Any ideas would be kindly appreciated


Many thanks



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Hi Jack,


Community Professional Loudspeakers have published an application guide for their Entasys line array columns that includes some useful discussion on when to use line array type products and comparing them to non-line array products in the same situation.


You can download the documet as a PDF from THIS WEBPAGE.


Hopefully it will prove to be of some use.



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Perhaps consider some of the modern updates of the line-source column speaker such as these - Fohhn Linea. Advantages are good pattern control with wide horizontal but narrow vertical dispersion, aesthetically unobtrusive and can be supplemented with a sub for full range music applications. Most of the higher-end variants should also be available in a range of finishes to blend in with the decor.



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they do a model called the 2110 xpro which is more an exact copy of the ps10!

(and there like 75% cheaper :))


Hmm, that'll be Brooke, owned by Skytec (the disco boys). A reasonably good looking cabinet wtih el-cheapo drivers. So, more of a visual copy of the PS10 than an exact copy of the PS10...

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