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guess the projector power?


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So, at our student TV station I'm looking into ident making.. Basically the idea is to film a short ident that will be composed of projecting our logo and other shiny idents onto university buildings... We've got done quite a few buildings, but want the prize one:

Theres just a few problems though:


-The Building:

80ft wide, approx the same hight. Black glass windows and behind the windows are some matte grey/white blinds (which might help).


-The university of York. It has Europe's largest plastic bottomed lake between any projection sites and the building.


For anyone who wants site info:

google maps: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ll=53.946,-1...=h&hl=en-GB


right now it looks like the best location to shoot from (that isnt residental & does have power) is from the closest corner of this : http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?t=h&hl=e...002411&z=19

building. But that makes the projection distance about 400ft..


so, umm anyone have an idea on what power I need to look at?

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It depends a lot on how much other light there is from streetlights or other buildings.

Go for the brightest projector you can afford - at least 10K

and can take a lens that can focus an image that big.


I would start at looking at a Sanyo XF47 to be sure - it's 15K


we would recommend a sanyo or Barco with the correct lens


see our website for some odd shape outdoor projections.


Also do it soon, the sooner you do it the earlier it will get dark

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ditto about the Pani.

It will be a much cheaper solution if it us a static image.

If it has to be a projector, I would say at least 20k, remember if it gets in to stacking, you will want to get someone in that has the experience as it can be a tedious job.




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If resoloution is not an issue(which depends on your content) try and go for an older projector. A Barco ELM 18 or a HD 35, etc. You are likely to get the best deals on these. Given the level of projector you will need think about 32amp single phase power. Given that you are filming and you can have more than one take I would only go for a single projector and save your money, a backup or double stacking is not needed...


Good luck



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we use 15k sanyo xf47s and have done much bigger images when the ambient light is low, current largest being onto the crags in edinburgh from 500m away using a 7:1 lens, The Sanyo is a decent unit as its pretty powerfull without being outrageously expensive, you could possibly get away with a unit with a lot less punch , but its hard to say untill you try as there are a lot of variables.


choose your lens and site carefully, different lenses let through vastly differing amounts of light. id suggest using a so3 standard lens in the sanyo47 if you can and site the projector a bit less than 3 times the width away.


a dry crisp atmosphere will diffuse the light much less than a damp one, almost any sort of rain will make it a waste of time, even if your projector is fully weatherproof.


Do you need to cover the whole building? if you decrease the width to approx 70% the image will be twice as bright


Most importantly get the content right, super high contrast better still white on black id also advise that a slight bit of animation, even if its a static logo will make it much more noticable as the movement will catch the eye, even a basic zoom in effect will make a big difference.


if its a single image id not bother with stacking projectors as you are then into the teritory of requiring proper power, crew and budget and if you can manage all that, youd be much better with a pani or hardware xenon slide projector.

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For those of you not familiar with the buildings at York Uni then this is the one that overhyped is looking at projecting onto. The challenge I think will be the black glass more than anything else.




In my time at York there used to be projections onto the end of PX001 (the concrete lump sticking out to the right of the black building). This was achieved with a heavily keystoned gobo from one of the windows in Goodricke. If you really want to go for the Physics/Electronics building then you need to be projecting on the side facing the lake for best effect which will mean throwing all the way from somewhere in Vanbough college, which is quite a serious thrown.


Good to see that the current YSTV members are not shying away from a challenge!



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If it can be a static logo have you considered getting a custom gobo made up and a decent 2k discharge spotlight?


Good luck with making the ident - hope it gets you a NaSTA :-)


Next time we need to hire one in for something else aswell I think...


Hello Gust! (I assume?) No stealing my idea!


I fear we will be too late for this years deadline. We have done some short range projections - PX001, courtyard (the SU bar) etc., that might be edited up in time though...

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