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turbosound TXD-252 - best amp and configuration?


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just acquired two turbosound TXD-252 and was wondering what amps you guys would recommend for these? seem to find varying rms power specs on these boxes. I am in the states, turbosound is not as common here.


they have been used with one crest CA4 and one crest CA6, but aren't those underrated for the 252? if they are bi-amped, can I run the highs in stereo and the rest in bridge mono? whats the best way to run these boxes as bi-amped with those two crest amps?


have option to buy two Crown XS-900 or a crown K2, or have option for excellent pricing on new gear, maybe crown XTi. recommendations?


only have the tops for now but will most likely add two 218 subs or four 118 subs later on.


usage is hard driving techno, and looking for max SPL yet don't want to have to replace blown components too often.



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